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Crafting missions are given by the Matis representative in the ranger camp, Sterga Hamla. Sterga can be found in the south of the camp, near the yellow huts.

When taking a mission, make sure to read what the mission giver says! You can miss important information otherwise, and there is no way of having the information repeated.

A Future Artisan

A Future Artisan #1


  • Craft a pair of light boots of at least quality 5.
  • Give the boots to Sterga.

Tips: Don't craft while wearing medium or heavy armour - this increases your chances of failure or partial failure. Instead wear light armour, or go nekkid.


  • 3000xp
  • 1000 Dapper

A Future Artisan #2


  • Go to Be'Tooly Lixie, the Raw Material Merchant, and using the money Stega gave you, buy:
    • 1 x Basic Redhot Sap, q10
    • 1 x Basic Irin Oil, q10
    • 2 x Basic Glue Resin, q10
    • 2 x Basic Buo Fiber, q10
  • Use these materials to craft a pair of light boots.
  • Give the boots to Sterga.
  • Talk to Milles Dodoine

Tips: In the trade window with Be'Tooly, you can see filters at the bottom of the list of his wares - you can use these to filter material type, grade, and quality. Have a fiddle with these, they make things much easier.


  • 4000xp
  • 2500 Dapper

Rebuilding the Future

Rebuilding the Future #1


  • Buy <race> Light Pants Plan from the Crafter Trainer (Ta'Calc Odeh).
  • Speak to Sterga.
  • Using the materials Sterga gives you, craft:
    • 5 light pants, at least q5
    • 5 light boots, at least q5

Tips: If you run out of materials, ask Sterga for more.

If you've crafted all the items, but the mission isn't updating, make sure they are all at least quality 5 - some may have degraded, or you might have accidentally used materials lower than quality 5.


  • 5000xp

Rebuilding the Future #2


  • Buy Crafting Option for HP Boost 1 from the Crafting Trainer.
  • Speak to Sterga.
  • Using the crafting option for HP boost, craft:
    • 5 light pants, at least q5
    • 5 light boots, at least q5
  • Sell what you've crafted to the Light Armour merchant.
  • Speak to Sterga.

Tips: To use the HP boost option, you need to edit your crafting action, and add the boost stanza - it shows up under Add Option.

When selling your wares, use the "Sell to NPC" button to avoid spamming up the merchant for others trying to buy gear.


  • 8000xp
  • q15 Inexperienced Artisan's Overall (light pants)

The Secrets of Silan

Secrets of Silan #1


  • Stroke Sterga's ego by declaring your devotion to the Matis.
  • Gather mats:
    • EITHER: 15 x javing bones
    • OR: 15 x Basic Mitexi Bark
  • Speak to Sterga

Tips: The mitexi bark can be found north of the Ruins, where you have to prospect for it; or it can be found in the pre-popped sources near the slavenis south of the ruins.


  • 10000xp
  • 10000 Dapper

Secrets of Silan #2


  • Gather, either by digging or killing:
    • Grip:
      • EITHER: 5 x Basic Yelk skin, at least q15
      • OR: 5 x Basic Buo Fiber, at least q15
    • Magic Focus:
      • EITHER: 10 x Basic Yelk Mushroom, at least q15
      • OR: 10 x Fine Zun Amber, at least q15
  • Speak to Sterga

Tips: Yelks are also needed for the Magic quests, so if you did it first, you may have some or maybe all of these materials.


  • 11000xp
  • q20 Artisan's Blouse (light vest)

Secrets of Silan #3


  • Buy <race> Melee Weapons Crafting 1 and Magic Amplifier Plan from the trainer, and a melee weapons crafting tool from the Tool Merchant (Anibre Bechini)
  • Craft a magic amplifiers, at least q10
  • Give the amplifiers to Sterga

Tips: Anibre Bechini is in one of the wooden buildings, next to Be'Tooly Lixie, the raw material merchant.


  • 10000xp
  • q25 Artisan's Ankle Boots (light boots)

Secrets of Silan #4


  • Loot:
    • 10 x Basic Slaveni Bud, at least q12
    • 10 x Basic Slaveni Moss, at least q12
  • Speak to Sterga
  • Make your choice! Speak to either Aryu Ken, or Nomis Merclao about the samples.

Tips: Aryu Ken wanders around behind Nomis Merclao's tent. If you go to Nomis, you may have to right-click him to see the option to tell him about the samples.


  • 15000xp
  • q30 Artisan's Hand (light gloves)