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Tab#1: the Tabs TemplateThis tab is inactive Tab#1: the Tabs Template
This tab is inactive
 Tab#2 the Tab TemplateIt is the active tab Tab#2 the Tab Template
It is the active tab
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-11-25)

This template is used by the Tabs template which assembles a set of tabs such as the ones on this same page. It seems useless to use it outside this context.

Parameters List

Parameter Effect Effect range
align_tab tab name text alignment common style parameters
blend  ?
bg_frame global frame background (i.e. page)
bord Tab border line syle
round Tab upper corners radius
bg_Tabs Tab background Tab specific
Pic Tab icon
preums  ?
Tab Tab name
URL Tab url

Tabs code of this page

|bord=2px solid #{{ColorAtys|type=dark|group=tryker}}
|bg_frame=#{{ColorAtys|type=bg|group=fyros}}         <——— note the colour change to be compatble with the tabs choices 
<!--  -->
|Tab-1={{3DText|text='''Tab#1: the Tabs Template'''<br />This tab is ''inactive''}}          <———passed from "Tabs" template to "Tab" template
<!--  -->
|Tab-2={{3DText|text='''''Tab#2 the Tab Template''<br />It is the ''active'' tab'''}}          <———passed from "Tabs" template to "Tab" template