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Tab#1: the Tabs TemplateIt is the active  tab Tab#1: the Tabs Template
It is the active tab
 Tab#2: the Tab TemplateThis tab is inactive Tab#2: the Tab Template
This tab is inactive
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2021-09-16)

This template is designed to assemble a set of tabs (10 max) such as the ones on this same page. Lets explain how it works on this example. It uses the Tab "sub"-template.

Tabs code

|bord=2px solid #{{ColorAtys|type=dark|group=tryker}}
<!--  -->
|Tab-1={{3DText|text='''Tab#1 the Tabs Template<br />It is the ''active''  tab'''}} 
<!--  -->
|Tab-2={{3DText|text='''''Tab#2: the Tab Template'''''<br />This tab is ''inactive''}}

Detailed code

Code explained
Code Effect Range
{{Tabs - Start of template call
|bord=2px solid #{{ColorAtys|type=dark|group=tryker}} defines border line type, thickness and colour the whole framed page
|bg_frame=#{{ColorAtys|type=bg|group=tryker}} defines page background colour : here bg (background) tryker blue as defined in ColorAtys template.
|round=5em Radius of rounded corners
Note that only tab corners are rounded.
|align_tab=center text alignment of tab names
<!-- --> empty comment (used as separator) to make the code easier to read
|Tab-1={{3DText|text='''Tab#1 the Tabs Template<br />It is the ''active'' tab'''}} Tab name This single tab
Note that the parameters are numbered. You can have up to 10 tabs as this one.
|URL-1=Template:Tabs The url of the page in which the tab is "active".
The url is the one of the actual page, the tab is "active", thus its background is the page body one.
|bg_Tab-1=#{{ColorAtys|type=light|group=tryker}} Tab background color: here light tryker blue, effective only if url differs from actual page.
|Pic-1=dummy.png An icon to be displayed left of the tab title.
<!-- --> separator to make the code easier to read
|Tab-2={{3DText|text='''''Tab#2: the Tab Template'''''<br />This tab is ''inactive''}} Second tab title. This single tab
|URL-2=Template:Tab This page is not the actual page, the tab is "inactive"
"Inactive" tabs are separated from the page body by an horizontal line.
|bg_Tab-2=#{{ColorAtys|type=light|group=fyros}} Tab background colour: here light fyros orange
|Pic-2=UnderConstruction.png Tab 2 icon
}} - End of Template.