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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Aileya, 2019-04-01)

This is just a quick tutorial for the ones, who already know about modeling and only need 3ds Max with NeL Plugins as an exporter


3DS Max 2012 x32

Nel Plugins installed for 3DS - (DL: http://dl.kaetemi.be/ryzom/bin/nel_plugins_3dsmax_2012_x86- )

After you imported your model successfully inside 3ds max (i recommend fbx for imports) you have to do:


(you can always press (Z) to move the camera directly to your selected object)

  • check for material ID (Media:Outsider2.png)
    • add 'Edit Poly' (not 'Editable Poly') from dropdown list, press (5) to enter the element mode, select all of your object (strg + a) and in the Material ID box the ID has to be between 1 and 100 in generell or it will not be supported well later, so change it to 1 when no mat ID is necessary
  • auto smooth your object (Media:Outsider2.png)
    • (still in element mode and with everything selected) scroll down to 'Polygon: Smoothing Groups' and select 'Auto Smooth' with a generell value of 45,0 - if this won't work fine enough for your model, use the numbers of poly groups
  • resetting XForm (this is important to export your model as a .shape later) (Media:Outsider3.png)
    • go to 'Utilities' (hammer icon) > Reset XForm > Reset Selected
    • go back to 'Modify' (second icon) > Right click on XForm > Collapse All (this should now end in 'Editable Poly') (Media:Outsider4.png)
  • You are done here :-)


(press (M) to open the material editor) (Media:Outsider5.png)

  • right click in the view and add:
    • Materials > Nel Material
    • Bitmap > Your texture file
      • combine your bitmap with the Nel Materials 'fTexture_1'
    • Bitmap > Your specular file
      • combine your bitmap with the Nel Materials 'fTexture_2'
  • preparing Nel Material for ingame usage
    • in Nel Basic Parameters:
      • changing Ambient and Diffuse color to 'white' and Opacity to '100'
      • changing Specular color to 'white', Level: '2', Glossiness: '9'
    • in Nel Material
      • change Shaders Type to 'Specular'
      • unmark (disable!) 'Enable water splash' - Please don't ask me why it is autmatically enabled. Maybe they were just water junkies :-)
    • in Nel Textures
      • recheck that all texture files are fine
      • check (enable) 'SpecularMap'
  • make your texture/shader shown in 3ds Max
    • right click on your texture or shader in the VIEW-Screen and select 'Show Shaded Material in Viewport'
  • You are done here :-)


  • go to 'Utilities'
    • select 'More...' > 'Nel Export' (a new list appeared called 'Parameters')
    • make sure you have your model selected and choose 'Export model'
    • give your file a good name and save it as a NeL shape file (*.shape)
  • Yes! You are finally done :-)

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