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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-08-24)

Category Tutorials contains all the tutorials of Ryzom Forge

  • Graphism : data from art direction, full implementation (from modeling to animation) of integrated and supported by Nel / Client assets.
  • Level Design : Reflexion on what makes it for a new continent alive, rich of possibilities and challenging for the players. A matter of background/history of the place which is to be discovered step by step by the players (rites, amber cubes), of ecosystem (mobs, aggro areas, patrols, map, materials) and of interactions with the characters of the zone (NPC, tribes, quests, missions).
  • Devs/intégration : integrate the creations in a set exportable to the Ryzom server.
  • Support : Informations about support for the many OS : Linux, Mac, Windows.