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A Space in The large Library for National Academies

The Idea came during an event organised by Windermeer's Mayor Larae, where she proposed to set a place dedicated to reseach in her village. I had a similar one, but with a NASA library in Almati. At this time I was (and still am) much ignorant about the many initiatives of Atys citizens and I learned about The FISHES society. I offered of course N'ASA's support with it's Chairman's ( Zo'ro Argh) agreement. This support can be a special place in the big Library (HRP: this wiki) where FISH and other national academies contributors could write the content of their research when they want to share it with other homins. When this space already exists and is approved by Lore or development team, a subspace can be added, (as one or more subpages), with a banner indicating the project status. A one or more special category (ies) can keep track of those spaces, so they can be discussed, tested in case of events, approved or rejected by Development team/Lore (special banner), and eventually planned when accepted.