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=== The diagram of a page ===

If we refer to Wikipedia, we can propose to follow here the same global skeleton of presentation of the article.

At the very top of the article under the page name, you can find banners. These banners warn the reader of the quality of what will be read: drafts, incomplete, obsolete, to be reviewed, etc.... By default, the absence of a banner indicates that the item is normal. Normal in all senses, i.e. not super-extra orvalidated and approved by the anims. That too or could have it....

Then comes the summary of the article, which is essential as soon as there are at least two subtitles (and for the search). The name of the article is by convention always included in this summary. It should therefore be seen as quickly as possible in the first few words of the first sentence. In addition, it is put in bold font, as can be seen in the introduction to this article.

Sometimes it is useful to add an infobox in this same area, always between the name of the page (level 1 title) and your first title (normally level 2 title). Infoboxes are small boxes of condensed information.

Here is an example of a possible start:

Writing Guide


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The aim of Writing Guide for Dummies is to allow new contributors unfamiliar with the tool to quickly take over the writing of articles in the EncyclopAtys.
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