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Amber of occupations
Map 4 Adv Occ 2023-01.png
Hunting herbivores in the Kitins' Lair for meat, prepare and pack together with materials obtained in the burning desert
Master Dex Arbhor
Type of Activity Hunting
Difficulty +++
Special Item Teleportation pact to the camp in Almati Wood
Yields Invigorating pieces of meat that give a large metabolism bonus for a short time but impose a penalty to endurance
Mission 1/2
Tasks Kill plants or animals in the desert. Sometimes it will be necessary to recover knives from coffers in bandit camps
Location Burning Desert
Mission 2/2
Tasks Kill herbivores guarded by Kitin
Location The cattle room of the Kitins' Lair
de:Fleischer en:Butcher fr:Métiers/Boucher
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Butcher is one of the 8 occupations, and one of the 2 taught by the Fyros. Of those two, it is the harder profession, sending you to the Kitins' Lair. It mostly involves hunting creatures and stealing from bandits around the Burning Desert, and killing herbivores in the Kitins' Lair. The consumables created by this occupation give a bonus to health regeneration at the cost of stamina.

Special Item

Kami Teleporter Pact for Almati Wood
Kami Teleporter Pact for Almati Wood
  • Teleports you to the Ranger's camp in Almati Wood.
  • One-use like all teleporter pacts.
  • There are several NPCs in Almati who can teleport you back to the capitals.

You'll receive 1 Teleporter Pact when you take on the butcher occupation, and 2 whenever you retake the mission while you're already a butcher (possible every 2 days).

Created Item

Leg of Yubo

Using 4 Butchering Components and 4 Herbivore Meat, you can create a number of Pieces of Meat.

Pieces of Meat can only be used while sitting down, and they increase your metabolism and thus your life regeneration for a short time, but give a penalty to your strength and thus your maximum stamina for a short time.

The most basic form is the Q10 Leg of Yubo. It takes 1 second to consume, and increases your metabolism by 400 while decreasing your strength by 100 for 10 seconds. This effectively gives you +160 life regeneration (or +320 life regeneration if you're sitting down) but -1000 maximum stamina during those 10 seconds. It prevents the use of any other occupation products for 20 seconds.

Mission 1

Butchering Components

Grade 1

Kill a number of creatures, or open a chest in a bandit camp. It's not necessary to quarter anything, just killing the required creatures or interacting with the chest will complete the mission and reward you with a Butchering Components. The 4 possible tasks you may receive are :

  • Kill 2 Roaming Yubo and 4 Timorous Yubo.
  • Kill 2 Scampering Capryni and 4 Roaming Capryni.
  • Kill 2 Minor Shooki and 1 Drowsy Shooki.
  • Open a chest (indicated on your compass) in the camp of the Pyr Crushers, the bandits south of Pyr.

All of the required creatures can be found within Imperial Dunes, around Pyr. Once you complete a task, you'll randomly be given a new task (which might be the same task again). You can also drop and retake the mission from Dex Arbhor at any time to get a new random task.

Mission 2

Herbivore Meat

Grade 1

Kill herbivores in the Cattle Room of the Kitins' Lair. Once you kill the herbivore you were assigned, you'll have completed the mission and receive a Herbivore Meat. There's 4 herbivores you may be send to kill:

It's random which herbivore you're assigned. If you kill the herbivore, you'll be randomly assigned a new one (which may be the same herbivore again). You can also drop and retake the mission from Dex Arbhor at any time to get a new random herbivore.

Note that each of the above herbivores appears in the Cattle Room as a member of a group of 4 herbivores, all of the same species but of different variants. The group only respawns if all members are dead. So if you see no Nettled Arma in the Cattle Room, try killing the other arma until they all respawn, and so on for the other creatures. Note also that herbivores of the same species are social with eachother, and the kipees and kirosta will attack you if they see you killing their cattle as well.
It is safest and most efficient for this mission if you fight in the middle of the Cattle Room, where the kipees don't notice you, and kill the whole group of herbivores that includes the one you need at once.