Fearing Fen Farm

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de:Hof am Gefürchteten Sumpf
en:Fearing Fen Farm
es:Granja del Pantano Temible
fr:Ferme du Marécage de l’Angoisse
ru:Ферма Болото Страха
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Outpost Amber
Fearing Fen Farm
Region Upper Bog
Mat. Cheng Root
Flower Metabolism

Outpost founded in 2492, abondoned in 2493.
Challenge for expert-rank guilds.

Established near the Fearing Fen, the activity of this outpost is centred on harvesting resources and cleaning the marshes invaded by the Goo. Clashes occurred with the Ecowarriors tribe when they discovered that the contaminated materials weren't destroyed but instead were sent to Yrkanis or to the south-east to undergo various experiments. This led them to accuse the Matis of spreading the Goo. The royal scientists categorically denied these allegations, assuring them that every precaution was taken to avoid contamination.

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