Knoll of Dissent

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Geographical Amber
Knoll of Dissent
KnollofDissent map.jpg
Sub-Continent Verdant Heights
Region Level
Neutral Altar Kami and Karavan
Area 3.277 km²
de:Hügel der Abtrünnigen
en:Knoll of Dissent
es:Monte de la Discordancia
fr:Tertre de la Dissidence
ru:Холмы раскола
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Fauna and Flora


  • Runninghill Pass
  • Towerbridge Way
The Killing Tree
  • Killing Tree
  • Smitten Mount
  • Torbak Trail Hill
  • Tunnel of Woe


  • Dryland Gate Stronghold
  • Runninghill Research Center
  • Ryecliff Stronghold
  • Smitten Mount Farm
  • Smitten Mount Workshop
  • Torbak Hill Farm
  • Wooky Workshop

Settling Groups

Camp of the First Deserters

Bandit Camps

  • Border Raiders]]
  • Casters of Dissent
  • Cut-throats
  • Highcliff Riders
  • Thrasers


Notable Wandering Characters

Ba'Neppy Enan
Ulydos Zessen
Vara Cuiri
Ciobre Lisi
Rosirne Mialli
Liccio Bezzo
Ma-Seng Ciai
Cisse Rocco
Miaera Antodo
Pecho Cuidera
Vargia Cuivaldo
Ba'Neppy Diksan
Ba'Neppy Dikson
Bechi Besti

Verdant Heights Regions
Fleeting Garden Grove of Confusion Heretic's Hovel Hidden Source Knoll of Dissent Majestic Garden Upper Bog
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