Lost Valley Stronghold

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en:Lost Valley Stronghold
es:La fortaleza del Valle Perdido
fr:Forteresse de la Vallée Perdue
ru:Крепость Потерянная Долина
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Outpost Amber
Lost Valley Stronghold
Region Void
Mat. Greslin Filament
Flower Will


Founded in 2491
Abandoned in 2494

The outpost was fortified following repeated attacks by animals contaminated by the Goo. Hotbeds of infection were discovered to the northwest, in the Lost Valley [1] . Several expeditions were sent to try and destroy it, but with little success. When the tree-bore in the outpost began to wilt, contaminated by the purple plague, it sounded the death knell for the fortress which was quickly abandoned.

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  1. In western Void

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