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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2019-01-22)

Package go.png Function name : weSNewGiveItems

weSNewGiveItems can give items.

WeSNewGiveItems main window
  • 1) Items wanted (one). ([commun] tool for multi sub-selections)
  • 2) [commun] Internal name of the function. This name is used especially for jumps, loops ...

Description of items requested.

WeSNewGiveItems item sub window
  • 1) Sheet name: *.sitem
  • 2) Quantity: the required quantity of the item
  • 3) Quality: the required quality of the item
  • 4) quantity_max: maximum amount.
  • 5) quality_max: maximum quality.

ARK, guide

Last version 2019-01-22•