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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2019-01-19)


The example was done with the event script « Computer_Voice » from the event :

» TESTS » Bepock » UserGuide » NewEvent » Nouvel event

Step 1
  • 1.- For the demo, we open a « display message » function (see Part II of the Guide for details).
We can either enter plain text or we can enter [Trad/BBcode]. We will use trad.
Step 2
  • 2.- In the right-hand text field we write [trad]name_of_something[/trad]. The string name_of_something would be the name of a sentence or part of word or anything you want to see translated. It's not the text itself.
Here in the example we use the keyword : Here_Your_Keyword_For_A_Multilanguage_Text
Now we Click on "Submit" to come back to the GUI view of the script. If you do not click "Submit" the results will not be saved.
Step 3
  • 3.- The keyword appears as an active link in red. Click on it. You will open a new window dedicated doing translation.
Steps 4 & 5

((This is a French window. It should either be tagged for FR version of the manual or made to be an English picture.))

  • 4.- You can see at left side the keyword you chose for the text you want to translate.
  • 5.- And on the right, an empty field marked with the flag of the language your are currently using.
Steps 6 & 7
  • 6.- Fill it with the text you want to associate with the particular keyword,
  • 7.- and do not forget to Submit any changes !
When you submit at that point, you will come back to your script. But you have to go to the Event level to actually manage translations because they are global data for the whole event and therefore for each script in it. This can be very useful as you will see !
Step 8
  • 8.- Go up to Event level to see the translation tool icon.
Step 9
  • 9.- Click on the icon.
Step 10
  • 10.- And click on "Display all elements" to get to the translation stage.
Step 11
  • 11.- Then, at the top of the window, chose the language you will use to type the translation of a previously introduced text (step 6).
You will have a new empty field if it is the first time you (or anyone else) makes the translation into that language.
In yellow you will have the default text in English, between the keyword and the translated text you are writing (12).
Step 12
  • 12.- Fill in the translation.
Never forget to submit before changing the language (flags in step 11), or you will lose your latest edit.
Steps 13 & 14
Coming back your script, you can see your translated text in any language you entered in step (13). If a translation was not done into a specific language, you will see by default the English version (14).
This demo was done with « display a message » because it is and easy way for you to see the [trad] functionality. However, you shall see that the trad database is an event property.
So inside a script you can now use the string [trad]Here_Your_Keyord_For_A_Multilanguage_Text[/trad] anywhere you want : in a window title, in an NPC window or balloon. Further, you can use it anywhere in your event, thus avoiding having to do thousands of translations. You can also chain keywords, as in [trad]keyword_1[/trad] [trad]keyword_2[/trad] in order to build sentences from common fragments.

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