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de:Ein altes Archiv/Die Arbeit des SKA
en:An old archive/The SKA's Work
es:Un archivo antiguo/El trabajo del SKA
fr:Une vieille archive/Les travaux du SKA
ru:Старый архив/Деятельность СКА
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-11-27)

The SKA's Work

    The rumour of the mysterious archive, which is said to be a map of the Tunnel of Woe, finally reaches Zendae's ears. She quietly examined a reproduction of the archive on her desk.

“Strange representation...” she brooded.

“Why did the author of this plan deliberately hide the information behind an artistic style? ...”

“If each line represents a gallery, each gallery junction is represented by a serif...”

“It seems to me that the count of galleries is correct...”

“But it would be worth checking on the scene, I wasn't aware of all the junctions...”

“In any case, the large arched gallery is represented at its right size, not like on the map of the group of Azazorians, who have made a brilliant blunder on this point...”

“The red gallery is the one that can be easily crossed by sneaking through...”

“Its room, where a single kipucka remains lethargic, seems to be represented as a heart...”

“Could it be that the colours and symbols identify the function of each gallery? ...”


    Leaving the document behind, she decided that she would be wise to share her thoughts with Nilstilar and other SKA members.


        Following the revelation of the archive of Orphie Dradius, the investigation[1] and the assembly[2] which followed, the SKA undertook to draw up a detailed map of the Tunnel of Woe.
    The Great Library is able to present the results with the kind permission of Nair Zendae and Nilstilar Thorec, who have conducted the necessary further exploratory expeditions during the year 2610. We would like to thank them for this. The detailed results of this considerable work can be found in the article Topographical Analysis of the Tunnel of Woe, (JA 2610).

Map prepared by SKA under the direction of Zendae and Nilstilar Thorec in 2610.
Map of galleries, by function.