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de:Arcueids Handwerksanleitungen
en:Arcueid's Crafting Guides
es:Las Guías de Artesanía de Arcueid
fr:Guides d'artisanat d'Arcueid
ru:Крафтовые гиды по Arcueid
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    I'm writing several posts on Ryzom crafting. A lot of information can already be found over at the Wiki (link), I try to fill some blind spots and have a more detailed look at the topic. Feel free to discuss the article in this thread, point out errors etc.

— Arcueid

The Guides

Crafting and Colors
Crafting and Materials
Crafting and Math (spoiler)
How in the world did I ever figure this stuff out?


These pages are the EncyclopAtys versions of Arcueid's forum posts:


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