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    The original Book of Revelations, dictated by Hoi-Cho to Mabreka was protected in an amber cube locked with a secret formula. The object itself is made of rare bark, purple in colour, with fine black veins. The title is illuminated with golden yellow leaves[1].
    Only the Ma-Duk's Commandments are known from it, although it must contain much more than that, as it follows Hoi-Cho's meeting with Ma-Duk himself, some years before it was written.
    He had disappeared when Fung-Tun had become Great Sage but Chan Ce-Jian had been asked by Mabreka, who had become a guide of the Zoraï people, to find him.

Ma-Duk's Commandments

Here are written the Eight Revelations of Ma-Duk, translated into sacred words, as they were given to the Great Sage Hoï-Cho by Ma-Duk himself, then transcribed into the beginning of the Book of Revelations.

  • The First Word: I am Ma-Duk, the creator who gave life to Atys. I am at one with the Kamis and they are a part of me. You must therefore adore them as you adore your creator.
  • The Second Word: You shall follow the Kami path of Enlightenment, which will lead you to attain Kamihood.
  • The Third Word: In order to attain Kamihood and become as one with your creator, the Life Giver, you must follow the path of Enlightenment to become meritorious.
  • The Fourth Word: Become meritorious through our loyalty and your attentions to Atys, who is separating from my heart.
  • The Fifth Word: If you follow the Kami path of Enlightenment, I will restore you to life if you should die before attaining the ultimate merit.
  • The Sixth Word: Do not be tempted by false gods, they cannot be of Atysian stock, and they have no place in my design, they only create imbalances.
  • The Seventh Word: Oppose excess and your journey on the Kami path of Enlightenment will completely fill the void in you.
  • The Eighth Word: Just as I have sown the seeds of existence upon the wind in order to prepare your life on Atys, so you must sow the ways of Kami Enlightenment to all the corners of the world.

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