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Historical amber: The Chiefs
Cerakos II
Sharükos[1] of the Fyros
Race Fyros
Gender male
Reign 2479 - 2481
Predecessor Krospas
Successor Leanon
Father Krospas
Mother unknown
Birth date 2449
Death date 2481
Death place
Burial cremated in Pyr, Cerakos Gate.
Religion Ma-Duk cult

It was in the reign of Cerakos, the one they called the fated
That befell the greatest loss in history ever related
The leaves were gold in other lands, the sun had ceased to glare
When Fyros bold with miners' hands came upon a lair.

(The Kitin Song)


Sharükos Fyros during the Great Swarming, Cerakos II is a leading figure of the new Fyros Empire founded after 2483; although he ruled only over the Fyros Empire of the Old Lands.


  • 2449 - 2481
  • Former Fyros Sharükos
  • Husband of Lydia, brother of Leanon.
  • Father of Dexton.
  • Also called Cerakos the Fortunate (or "the Fate") because of the events of his life.

His Life

Birth of Cerakos II
Cerakos II led the Fyros people into the Prime Roots, but he also found death there while fighting one of the first waves of Kitin at the beginning of the Great Swarming.
Not being able to light a fire in the Primes Roots without causing a catastrophe, his body is embalmed while waiting to be cremated by the Sacred Fire according to the tradition.
A pyre was erected to incinerate the embalmed body of the Emperor Cerakos II. The first bricks of Pyr were laid on this very spot, and this pyre became the great gate of the city. A commemoration of the burning of the Emperor takes place every year under the moon of the winter solstice.


Cerakos II

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