Demons Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost

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de:Diplomatischer Aussenposten der Dämonenkreuzung
en:Demons Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost
fr:Avant-poste Diplomatique du Croisement du Démon
Demons Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost
Region Haven of Purity
Mat. Maga Creeper
Flower Wisdom
Qualité 150

Outpost founded in 2492, abandoned in 2494

Challenge for advanced-rank guilds.

Soon after the installation of a tree-bore in this outpost, a jungle demon was attracted by the Kamic activity and hung around the surrounding area. He was seething with rage for he was wasted by the Goo. A Zorai sage, member of the Company of the Eternal Tree, found him and managed to cure him of his illness. The demons transformed into a luminous spirit then blessed the Zorai, who became a saint among saints. After this miracle the outpost served as a meeting place for Kamists from the whole region.

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