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Taxonomic Amber
Doroteas in springtime
Dorotea in springtime.jpg
Kingdom Plants
Category Tree
Main Ecosystem(s) Forest
Counterattack type None
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It is a very tall tree, the highest of the New Lands, with tapering trunk and rounded crown. It can reach 180 feet high. The adult tree has no branches on a third or half of its height. Due to their long time for growth, the young trees were sometimes called dorios. It should be noted, however, that some botanists such as Almati have been able to accelerate the growth of dorotea.

Its thick, cracked bark is orange-red with a soft, flexible texture. The evergreen leaves are arranged on side branches in two ranks of lobed leaves, green above, whitish below. The dorotea produces teardrop shaped cones.

The wood is of excellent quality, fairly light and beautiful. It is rot-proof, resistant to insects, and as it is devoid of resin canals, it is also resistant to fire. It is used in joinery.


In 2505 a botanist named Lirni Gillo died from having received a fruit (or a branch depending on the version) on his head.

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