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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-08-08)

Patch (7) released September 28th, 2004. Release notes can be read here.



  • We now pop up the guild info window automatically when you join a guild.
  • New optimizations in the server code (some of them should improve performance in Tryker Land).
  • You can no more use HP- / sap- / stamina- / focus-boost options when crafting ammunition.

Bug Fixes


  • Text fixes : missing places names (DE), items / actions / stanzas names (DE & FR), titles (FR & EN), system messages (all)...
  • Delivery-missions sometimes popped up a "forage result" window several times.
  • The stanzas for lower oil / resin / glue / particle specialization couldn't be learned.
  • A bad parameter was preventing bots from taking the direction of their movement.
  • The icons for crystallized spells and sap crystals have been fixed.
  • The "absent-minded" emote has been corrected.
  • Some fixes in the loot inventory.
  • Fixes in players appartment inventory.
  • Some openings are now available when you reach level 10.
  • Fixes in players movement speed.
  • Fixes in the compass when searching the path in order to fulfill some missions.