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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2019-04-18)

Patch (12) released October 21st, 2004.

Note: This is referred to as Patch 13 in the following serverside patch.

Bug Fixes


  • Some fixes in texts (French, German, English).
  • Mobs are more likely to go around trees.
  • Trainers should always be in their appartment when you decide to go see them.
  • You should not be locked inside trainers appartments anymore.
  • You will no longer be teleported to another continent when you log off in an appartment.
  • Welcome missions are back in Trykers refugee land.

Known Bugs

  • Some players may have lost some of their respawn points, we are sorry for any inconvenience.


Prior to this patch, extracting with a material specialization gave two advantages:

  • reducing some risks triggered by the main extracting harmful or more gentle stanzas
  • boosting the quality of the extracted raw material

Since recently, the XP has been based on the quality of the extracted raw material, so the material specialization helped to earn too much XP.

In this patch, the material specialization does not boost the quality anymore (although the reduction of risks is still there). Instead, it will be replaced in "patch 1" by a boost in the speed at which the quality raises from 0 to the specified quality.