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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Forest and Lake
Counterattack type Blunt

The gnoof is a gregarious herbivore characterized by a trunk which it uses to collect food, bring water to the mouth, for smelling, and for lifting. Its head and upper body are protected by a stiff carapace whereas its flanks and underside are covered in short hairs that grow in segments or panels. Its dexterous feet are large with bulbous toes enabling it to radiate heat. Grazes mostly in herds of five or six all over Atys.[1]

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Sleep and Stun.
  • Moderate resistance to Rot magic.
  • Partial resistance to blunt damage.

Valued Resources

Gnoofs can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens

Destroyer Gnoof (Heretic's Hovel)

  • Level: 210
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Choice
  • Location: Heretic's Hovel

Destroyer Gnoof (Hidden Source)

  • Level: 210
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Choice
  • Location: Hidden Source



  • Level: 220
  • Type: Boss
  • Grade of Materials: Supreme
  • Location: Nexus

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
176 Violent Gnoof
168 Feral Gnoof
159 Vicious Gnoof
150 Nettled Gnoof
97 Grunting Gnoof
86 Gluttonous Gnoof
76 Wary Gnoof
64 Robust Gnoof


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