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In this part, one should write a short description of the guild, some basic background info, history and the like. Shouldnt be too long.

Hello all homins! We are ExampleGuild, a guild dedicated to digging and eradicating kitins from Atys! We were founded in late 2009 by Example to demonstrate how guild pages should look, and from there on we've been hunting kitin!

We're a friendly guild and love to RP, if you're a newbie come give us a try!

General Information

This is the general info bit, here the {{GuildGeneralInfo}} template should be used. Note that all of the fields used in the template are optional EXCEPT for the alignment fields, you don't have to share the information with us if you don't want to. This section gives basic info regarding your guild, such as RP stance, where the GH is located, alignment to faction and race, etc.



This Section lists the officials in your guild, starting from leader and moving down in the hierarchy.
  • High Officers:
    • Test
  • Officers:
    • MonkeyMan
    • AnotherExample

Any number of other guild-relevant sections may follow here, a more detailed history of your guild, achievements, weird stuff you would like to share etc.

Related Links

This section lists all the other relevant links of your guild, not including your guild website link.