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The EN How2 is the page of how to do something in the Ryzom Forge Wiki.

Contributing to the wiki

If you're not familiar with wikis and, more specifically with Mediawiki, editing and creating pages may seem complex. Good news: we use a wiki engine that is well documented in every language.

As a user, the most useful information is available here: and more precisely here: Mediawiki FAQ.

MediaWiki is used by Wikipedia, which has lots of very good tutorials. Getting the Wikipedia introduction page is a great way to understand what a wiki is and how to begin.

To write the Wiki markup is very complete, and the Cheat Sheet help you to quickly find the most rules used.

Finally, you may also read the "Introduction to the Ryzom Forge Wiki" which is a summary adapted to our Ryzom wiki. In addition, there are several "Templates" to initialize pages, especially including multilingual mode, as you can see in the next paragraphs.

All features available on MediaWiki / Wikipedia is not available on this wiki: some need to be added by an administrator. If you are missing something, contact one and ask him nicely. You can also use the page "Wiki_on_Work" (reaction time variable depending on the time). Be free to write in it in your language: it is easier for us to have only one page.

Page Not Found (in any language)

Documentation page

  1. If there is no page with the title you have chosen, click the title highlighted in red in the message that is at the top of the page «Search results»: "Create the page "Your_title" on this wiki!". This action may open a new empty page with your Your_title as name for it.
  2. Copy in your new page this command adapted to your language. For instance, for English:
    {{subst:EN Page}}
  3. Save immediately this page with this unique line.
  4. Reopen this page you just have saved: it will contain the minimum skeleton to continue your work.


When a category appears in red in the bottom of a page, you can document that category explaining what is in it and with what associated rules if necessary. Remember that the text of the Category is not a documentation page itself.

There are two kinds of documentation of categories, and so two kinds of treatment:

  • A short description on just about one line:
    1. Copy this command in your new page:
    2. Save this page immediately with that one line.
    3. Reopen this saved page: it will contain the minimum skeleton to continue your work.
  • The description is long, over 5 lines, may be because you add rules:
    1. Copy this command in your new page:
    2. Save this page immediately with that one line.
    3. Click on one of the tabs to open your language and create a new page. Follow the instructions to initialize a non-existent translation (see below). Please, do not change the name of pages documenting the categories given by that templates.

Template documentation

The description of template is usually longer and more complex than a category .

  • Start by adding the following lines at the beginning or the end of the template replacing "foo" with the appropriate categories:
  • Next:
    1. In the blank page of the documentation of a Template (Template:<name_of_the_template_to_describe>/documentation), copy this
      {{subst:Template Documentation}}
    2. Save this page immediately with that one line.
    3. Reopen this page search: it will contain the "Templates" for continuing the work of documentation. Indeed there is a ready template for each language. For the French it was:
      {{subst:Template FR Documentation}}
    4. Save this page again to "insert" the contents of {{Template EN Documentation}} instead that matches it. This template pre-formats a documentation page of templates in English.

Nonexistent translation

When a document page already exists always in at least one of the 5 languages of ​​Ryzom, it remains to translate it into the others.

Documentation page

The document pages have on the top 5 language tabs created by the {{TabLang}} .

By default, until the page has not been translated, there is at the top of the original page something like:


The indications " ... | DE | EN | ES |​​ ... | RU " show the missing translations, and clicking on the language tab, we are led to a page like FR . Follow the instructions on this page to create a new translation.

When all the pages are translated should find something like:

{{TabLang | FR | Mein Titel | My title | Mi título | My title | Мое название}} .

The only rule to choose a documentation page title is not to take unfortunately the same name as another page in any language. This rule is less flexible for the categories and templates because of the associated automations. (See: 'WikiRF')


This part is old, and would need to be rewrite (before wikis merge ?)

The categories are unique: they gather all the documents in all languages ​​except for categories of languages ​​themselves: "category: DE", "category: EN", "category: ES", "category: FR" and "category: RU".

Their name should be as neutral as possible, that is to say often basic English.

The documents of the categories are always formated in the same manner to ensure the operation of bots: XX_YYY, where XX is the two-letter language and YYY the exact name of the category.

Template documentation

More than for the categories, the best and wiser is to no create templates in different languages. Only documentation should be translated. On the other hand, documentation template is often embedded in the template itself, and especially this documentation should not change the behavior of the template. It goes without saying that inside the templates common to the 5 language, it is written as "neutral" as possible.

Open the document page of the template:

  1. It contiend in red the missing documentation {{Template: Template documentation}} XX where XX is the two-letter language of the translated text.
    1. Start by translating the documentation for your language of competence. You will only to do it once.
    2. Save again this page to "insert" the contents of <nowiki>{{Template:Template XX Documentation}}. This template pre-formats a chapter of the template documentation page in XX. Then go the next step:
  2. Your chapter is pre-formated: complete / edit the associated paragraphs.


How to prevent user to work on a page that Iam writing and that is not yet ready to share?

Put at the top of the page the banner template WIP


How to prevent images overflow in the following paragraphs?

Une image très longue

The most clean way is to frame the image within a paragraph like this. You just create a container with the tag <div> like this.

<div style="overflow: hidden">
[[File:Your pix|200px|thumb|left|The name of the image]]
Your text here...

But still sometimes, one needs juggle to do something elegant. A wiki is not a SPIP by example and we are not experts in desktop publishing;).

I would like my text be translated

Now we use 2 templates: Template:Trad end Template:TIP

Old informations:

Put on the top banner template:toTrad.

{{toTrad| A precise language: DE, EN, ES... | Leave a comment if necessary }}

By default {{toTrad}} indicates that the article is to be translated and is added to the category ToTrad:

  • It is possible to limit the translation to a single language. Eg {{toTrad|RU}}.
  • You can change the default text. Eg {{toTrad| |Please correct paragraph 3}}.

My user profile

It may be useful for Ryzom wiki contributors to know what are your language, technical skills ... You can use for this two infobox:

  • Template:babylon: (deformation of Babel) this little box gives your languages proficiency.
  • Template:QuiSuisJe: This box gives your technical skills and your business in the game.

How to add significant information?

You can use a special box to alert: Template: Banner