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Kitins of the Depths Kitins of the Depths OOC OOC
de:Kitin aus den Tiefen/OOC
en:Kitins of the Depths/OOC
es:Kitins de las Profundidades/OOC
fr:Kitins des profondeurs/HRP
ru:Подземные китины/OOC
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-12-01)

Dynamic Events

Kitins of the Depths invasions are now dynamic events (they were previously programmed by the Event Team and the Development Team).


  • Elyps points atys 40px.png Each Kitin killed by the team brings 1 Elyps to each team member.
  • Elyps points atys 40px.png Destruction of the mound brings in 20 Elyps to all participants.
  • Loot:
Pieces of Kitins of the Depths, whose collection makes it possible to obtain from the "Observers of the Kitin Threat'[1]" the titles:
  • Beginner kitin hunter (?)
  • Kitin hunter
  • Master Kitin Hunter
  • Kitin eradicator
  • The kitin slaughterer (?) (for 4000 pieces of kitin)
more rarely: Potions, sap crystals, flowers ...

  1. at the entrance to the capitals