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This is a list of known Arispotle Ring Scenarios. This list includes all known English-language scenarios that are finished enough to be playable and that have been opened to the public in some way. Feel free to use this list to pimp your own latest scenario too, if it meets those requirements.

Many of these scenarios can be downloaded directly from the wiki to play for yourself. Just click on the name of the scenario to go to the download location, or find the scenario on the Downloads page. Instructions on how to run a scenario once downloaded can be found here.

Also see the Ryzom Armory's section for sharing your Ring scenario's with others.

The List

Click on the title of a column (or here) for a detailed explanation of the contents of that column, though most should be fairly self-evident.

Hover your mouse over the icon in the final column for an additional short description of the scenario. Additional descriptions can also be found on the Downloads page.

Remember that Ring scenarios can be vastly complex and diverse, so no categorisation could ever hope to describe them all perfectly. Nevertheless we've tried to include some degree of categorisation, which we hope at least categorises the scenarios better than the ingame one. Try not to read more into them than they're meant to say though; an RP-storyline-scenario can still be all combat and no dialog at all, and an OOC-arena-scenario can still have lots of story and no combat at all.

Scenario Name Creator Date Available Lvl RP Category
The Holiday Merger Emergency Marelli 2010-12 Run Only 50 OOC Playground Christmas scenario: Remove the wrong holidays that accidentally got mixed in with Atysmas.
An adventurer is you! Marelli 2010-07 Run Only 1 OOC Storyline Become the ultimate hero that determines the fate of Atys!!! Just don't take yourself too seriously.
The Laughing Gubani Rikutatis 2010-06 Run Only 200 RP Storyline Help a secretive community of Prime Root foragers against mysterious attacks by cutes.
Battle for the Basin Marelli 2010-02 Run Only 100 RP Arena Massive dynamic battleground of homins versus kitin fighting over outposts.
Santa... Naughty or Nice? Sweetmarie 2009-12 Unavailable 50 OOC Playground Christmas scenario: Visit the Northpole and find out if Santa is good or evil.
Towers Suibom 2009-08 Run and Edit 200 RP Arena Build up your defences before the kitin invade.
Dark Alliance Suibom 2009-05 Run and Edit 125 RP Storyline Unmask the dark conspiracy that threatens the Matis.
Who let the dogs out? Sweetmarie 2009-02 Unavailable ? OOC Storyline? Help the natives of this forest against the evil dogs who have enslaved them.
Joining the Shadow Hunters Sxarlet 2009-01 Run and Edit 50 RP Playground Complete your first assassination mission for the Shadow Hunters.
Capryni Delivery Marelli 2008-12 Run Only 50 (3x200) Semi Playground Christmas scenario: Help deliver the packages to the outlying camps.
Land of Rudolph’s Licks SweetMarie 2008-12 Unavailable 1 OOC Playground Christmas scenario: Explore Santa's workshop.
Trick or Treat Marelli 2008-10 Run Only 1 Semi Playground Halloween scenario: Trick or Treat past tents until you gather enough treats.
Grove of Sedation Marelli 2007-10 Run Only 1 RP Sandbox An area where all creatures have been strangely pacified.
Run Homin Run Sxarlet 2007 Run and Edit ? RP Storyline Reach the Tryker outpost in time to warn them for the kitin.
Party Island Arcueid 2007 Unavailable 1 Semi Sandbox A party island with several activities and games.
BotFG Tournament Xtarsia 2007 Run Only ? Semi Arena An arena challenge against ever-harder creatures. Variation of TITAN Mountain.
TITAN Mountain Xtarsia 2007 Run Only ? Semi Arena An arena challenge against ever-harder creatures. Variation of BotFG Tournament.
Illusions Kaetemi 2007 Run Only ? Semi Storyline An evil Matis illusionist is trying to take over a Tryker village.
Blackwater Cave Sxarlet 2006-11 Run and Edit ? RP Playground Home of the Blackwater pirates... but they're out of rum.
Crab Attack Byron "Messiah" Mudry 2006-09 Run and Edit 1 RP Storyline A small scenario where you're to save a camp from a Goari attack.