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de:Marodeure Ruhm
en:Marauders fame
es:Fama de los merodeadores
fr:Fame marauds
ru:слава Мародерса
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New: with Patch 00847 (Feb. 2021), there's a marauder tribe, camps, and a big change in maraud's fame is changing. See on the forum, Ulu's answer:

The famous marauder is particular. From -100 to 50 it is linked to other fames. The famous marauder is the opposite of the highest famous nation or faction.
Let's imagine that you have -20 in all fames and -10 in Tryker.
* The famous marauder is thus 10 (the highest of the non-marauder fames was the tryker at -10).
* Now making a mission of the camp, the famous Tryker goes down to -11. Automatically the famous marauder is adjusted and becomes 11.
Once all the nation and faction fames are at minus 50, the famous marauder reaches 50. It is no longer possible to raise the famous marauder by lowering the nation/faction fames: it is necessary "at that moment" to carry out the missions of the Masters of the Goo who give the famous marauder.

  • All other fames are now capped to -40 after a character has done the marauder rite;
  • A marauder can do missions from the Masters of the Goo tribe to increase the marauder fame above 50;
  • A teleport fx has been added to Marauders as for Kami/kara. To display the teleport fx, a marauder must have 100 in marauder fame
  • The xp catalysers have been replaced by sap recharges in Marauder Bosses loots
  • The Marauder camp in Nexus have now less aggressive creatures.
  • A maraudeur mini campment will be created in each continent. The first one, in Aeden Aqueous, is up with missions to lower the Tryker fame;
  • The zinuakeen of the region has been moved to the mini campment;
  • Addition of a third skin for outpost drills: the Marauder one, available to any guild whatever its Faction.