Pact of mutual assistance

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de:Pakt der gegenseitigen Unterstützung
en:Pact of mutual assistance
es:Pacto de Asistencia Mutua
fr:Pacte d'Assistance Mutuelle
ru:Пакт о взаимопомощи
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Abbreviation : PMA

In the year 2490, the Pact of Mutual Assistance (PMA) ) was signed between King Yasson, the Zorai Grand Sage Hoi-Cho, the Regent of the Fyros Empire Leanon and the Tryker Governor Rigan Mac'Darrell to counter the Kitin threat. As agreed by the various leaders, the Force of Fraternity guild gathers homins of all races to rid the New Lands of the Kitin presence. The PMA would come to an end with the return, after two grueling years of campaigning, of the members of the Force of Fraternity to their respective homes. The Kitin threat was still present.