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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-12-23)

This EN New Zone page is about the great end level project: create an area from A to Z and add it to Ryzom.

The New Zone project's aim is to create a new play zone (understand it as a new "region") for the Ryzom game, with not only its geographical terrain, but also its faun and flora, its inhabitants and its history. Frome a gameplay point of view, it will also have its lot of missions and discoveries of any kind.

Estimated time necessary to create a new zone:

To estimate the time, there are two important factors: the number of people implied in the project and their control over what they're working on.

On this project, this means: the community's enthusiasm for the project and the capacity of that community to seize different aspects and create documents that will help transfer their knowledge and their competency, all of which has to be done with adequate supervision.

Since we start from nothing, the first few steps will be gruesome but, as time goes by, it will be easier to "quickly" add new quests, missions, objects that are more and more complex and create a zone that is relatively important and living.

That is why the New Zone project will likely start after Rykea, L'objet du mois and Artisans des Tribus, since those projects will let the first few volunteers progress and find methods and techniques that are as of now missing to realise this project.

This zone will lend a dynamic impulse to Ryzom, but it will be time consuming. That is why it needs be not a secret project, but a global collaborative project, proposing to everyone a way to participate to the measure in which they can. Thereefore, the act of participating to the cration of the Zone will already be an occasion to start a spiral of virtues without the need to wait for the region to be accessible in game.

The background, supervised by Wiedii, has already been sketched and will become accessible as the project evolves.

  • Part 01
    • 3D production of a sketch from a piece of the region (land)
    • 3D production of a mesh from the region (land), HD quality under Blender/3DS Max
    • Producing the details (eventual "Normal map") of the various elements under Zbrush
    • Retopology/transformation of the Patch grids and delimitation in sections of 160x160 meters.
    • Production of the textures (Blender/Zbrush)
    • Export in .zone towards the test server
  • General Level-Design
  • Realisation of a first sketch of the map
  • Finalisation of the map of the region
  • Fixing the props location and the elements linked to sequences, rites and mission
  • Theoretical disposition of the mobs (animals and intelligent flora)
  • Part X
    • Reproduce the preceding protocol until the whole map is done.
  • Design and final choice of the original assets of the zone
  • Realisation of the assets
  • Asset : Flore01
    • Realisation/choice Art-work
    • HD modelisation (Blender/3DS Max et Zbrush)
    • Retopology and exportation towards 3Ds Max/Blender
    • Texturing
    • Exportation towards NeL as a .shape
  • Asset : Flore02
    • Realisation/choice Art-work
    • HD modelisation (Blender/3DS Max et Zbrush)
    • Retopology and exportation towards 3Ds Max/Blender
    • Texturing
    • Exportation towards NeL as a .shape
  • etc..