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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Animal
Category Herbivore
Main Ecosystem(s) All regions
Counterattack type Blunt

A placid plant feeding pachyderm easily recognized by its long and powerful trunk which it uses to collect food, convey water to the mouth, for smelling, and for lifting. Like the gnoof, it has dexterous feet with large bulbous toes enabling it to radiate heat. The mektoub makes an ideal mount or pack animal once tamed. Grazes all over Atys.[1]

Colloquially, mektoubs can be referred to as meks (or a mek in singular form).


A mektoub mount

Mektoubs in this day and age are primarily used as pack animals or mounts. Due to their resilient nature they can carry heavy loads and homins alike quickly and efficiently from one point to another.

As mounts, mektoubs serve as a speedy transport medium to and from anywhere on the bark, while racing atop a mektoub is also a popular sport among all races.

In the desert town of Dyron mektoubs can almost througout the whole day be seen in the oasis lake idling away while their masters are foraging for the desert's riches. The reason for this is that predators do not normally chase their prey into the water, leaving the mektoubs safe from the dangers only a stonethrow away from Dyron.

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Sleep and Stun.
  • Moderately resistant to Rot Magic.
  • Partially resistant to slash damage and Cold Magic.
  • Mektoubs can hit multiple targets at once with their trunk.

Valued Resources

Mektoubs, when killed, can be quartered for:

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
238 Voracious Mektoub
228 Ferocious Mektoub
219 Fierce Mektoub
209 Furious Mektoub
191 Violent Mektoub
181 Feral Mektoub
172 Vicious Mektoub
162 Nettled Mektoub
150 Scrounging Mektoub
140 Rooting Mektoub
130 Obstinate Mektoub
120 Gruff Mektoub
106 Grunting Mektoub
94 Gluttonous Mektoub
83 Wary Mektoub
73 Robust Mektoub
59 Sprightly Mektoub
44 Scampering Mektoub
34 Roaming Mektoub
23 Timorous Mektoub
20 Docile Mektoub
19 Weanling Mektoub
11 Suckling Mektoub

Exceptional Specimens

Lucio Name Level Type Grade of Materials Location
Mekoo 270 Boss Supreme Forbidden Depths, Wastelands
Bukah 260 Named Excellent Sunken City, Wastelands
Norse 210 Named Excellent Bounty Beaches
Buntah 160 Named Excellent Frahar Towers
Destroyer Mektoub 110 Named Choice Fleeting Garden
Kussok 110 Named Excellent Oflovak's Oasis

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