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de:Objekt des Monats
en:Object of month
fr:Objet du mois
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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-07-23)

Project "Object of the month"


Each month for a week, a peddler appears on the map. He proposes to sell some items, either unique or hard to get in another way. The challenge, for the players, consists in find him, reach him and find the way to afford his goods, so that he can parade with brand new and attractive items.

Each time, this peddler proposes a kind of item, available in several versions. For example, he could propose a yubo plush :

  • Available at each level : basic texture
  • Requiring at least a lvl 100 : the anlor-winn textured plush
  • Minimum level 150 : "patchwork fabric" textured plush
  • Minimum level 220 : "prime roots yubo" texture plush.

Since two versions of the object would be accessible only to "high levels" -meaning by that subscribed accounts-, some players would probably find the subscription more appealing.

Since the object would need to be paid for in dappers, the players would have to be there at least long enough to earn some.

It is important that the peddler be there for a whole week, for every player to be able to access him and buy the article regardless of their real life occupations. This peddler must then completely vanish for a month and come back elsewhere with a new riddle hinting at his exact location (text on the forums, video games websites, social networks). The treasure hunt aspect and the regularity of the event are very important. The point is to set a date with the players and to offer them a challenge.

The peddler's position must not be always easy to reach. He can be in the middle of a bandit camp and that going to fetch his merchandises could require a small team, which would help increase the collaboration level between players and help improve the relationship they have towards each others. It has to vary; sometimes easy, sometimes hard.

To script a merchant with the Arcc can be done. Once a script has been made, you only need to change a few parameters to switch the position and the available wares.

It is easy to add to the game objects that can be held in a hand or put into the appartment (see the projet Rykea), excluding weapons and armors because of their gameplay impact (could upset the balance), at least in the begining. Weapons and armors will also be added later on through the project Artisans des tribus. The "decorative" objects (plush, bouquet, appartment stuff, etc.) are not as risky and will be faster to add. Only one thing is very important: they have to be coherent with the world and, therefore, be possible to integrate into the Lore.

This project is a relatively simple and quick way to answer the demands to add new content to the game. It's also a way to implement assets we're not using and give everybody a chance to get the article they dream of.

How to contribute/help ?

Help by translating tutorials in each language, by exploring and gathering informations on the tools, creating graphics, suggesting missions, giving your opinion on IRC and forums, improving the wiki structure and correcting typo/mistakes that you may find ... There is no little contribution, no specific skill requirement, everyone can contribute, learn and improve the project. If you wish to help and you feel lost, come meet us on #ryzomforge or visit the First steps page.