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Basic Occupations

1/5 Apprenticeship

The first thing to do is to become an apprentice in your chosen trade.

Every occupation has a Master, who will, by using their first mission (see the icon above), allow you to:

  • Become an apprentice. Once you are an apprentice, you receive a title and some special items.
  • Resign (You will have to wait at least 2 days after becoming an apprentice).
  • Get new special items once every 2 days.

Each capital city is home to 2 Masters, one of an occupation requiring you to enter the Kitins' Lair, the other sending you to different regions of the land. You can have 3 basic occupations at the same time.

2/5 Gather the necessary components

The next step is to obtain two types of components in order to practice your occupation.

Your Master will have two missions to offer.

Each mission is composed of 4 tasks that are random. Each task will gain you 1 item and some dappers.

The missions have no end but a maximum time of 8 hours to accomplish a task. Once the task is completed, the count-down will reset. You can stop whenever you want.

3/5 Improving components

Warning! This step is optional. There is a large chance that you will lose you lose half of your items if the improvement does not work.

If you got have 4 items or more, you may want to attempt to improve your items using one of the first two missions of the occupation object located close to the Master (for example the First-Aid Post near the Master Medic).

The success rate for improving is about 5%. If you succeed, you get 2 improved components. Once you have 4 improved components of both types, you can use them to practice. Your end products will be more and more powerful.

You can use several items to influence the results:

  • Lucky Flower (special item from the Florist), which doubles your chance of improvement.
  • Stimulating Water (special item of the Water-Carrier), which helps you get get 4 improved components instead of 2.
  • Amber of Protection (special item of the Magnetic Cartographer), which prevents you from losing your items if improvement fails.

4/5 Practicing

Once you have 4 of each components, it will be possible to use the 3rd mission of the object near your Master.

  • You can use either basic or improved components.
  • The mission is available once every 20 hours.
  • The mission, once started, has a completion timer of 5 minutes. If the timer runs out, you will have to wait 20 hours.
  • When practicing your profession, you must choose 5 times among 7 options. The combination you have chosen is the recipe that determines your yield. The higher the yield percentage, the more products you will gain.
  • Once you have received your products, you can either keep for your own use, or give them to the object to show your progress to the Master of business and gain experience.
  • A better recipe will give more experience and therefore help you progress more quickly.
  • Using improved components will give you more products. You can then get more experience or you can use half the products for experience and use the other half for yourself.
  • Using an Improved Tool (special item of the Toolmaker) can increase productivity by 10% when using basic components.

Each occupation is has multiple grades. To move to the next grade, it is necessary to:

  • obtain the amount of experience required.
  • find a recipe for that grade with a yield of at least 60%.

A higher grade will allow you to create more interesting products. But the amount of experience and difficulty of the tasks increases. Grade 6 is the highest grade that can be achieved.

5/5 Certificates

At some official events you can earn certificates. These items can help you gain more experience in any occupation. They can be used in sets of 3, not more than once every 3 days.


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