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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2019-03-17)

A Brief History

German-speaking and English-speaking players create Ryzom's first wikis based on MediaWiki. This inspired the Frensh-speaking players who create their own somewhat divergent. The latter is seen as an extension to both RP and OOC sides of the game. Gradually is putting in place internal rules to be essentially RP, with " OOC supplements or help ".

So players (like Craftjenn, Lou Tei-Sang, Zorroargh, and so many others that I have forgotten for now and not to lengthen here) start writing under their role name, even playing their RP function (Zorroargh plays the role of responsible for the Scientific Distribution of the Ranger Research Center). In the process, members of the Ryzom team also appear under their ryzomien name, as fr:user:Tamarea.

During the first merger, the Ryzom team wants to create two more language wikis, still hosted on a Ryzom server: Spanish and Russian.

This prepares for the arrival of a 6th wiki : The Forge. The choice to use wikis comes from the fact that it is widely used, international, well documented and well-established, thus accessible to a maximum of inexperienced contributers.

All the previous Official Doc Lore (The Chronicles) is thus migrated to those wikis. And a 7th wiki is created to put the new Lore documents in there to make it more accessible to everyone (Ryzom Team and RP players).

Experience shows that the latter is not visible enough, and that the Forge remained too far apart from the others. It is therefore proposed to merge the Lore and Forge wikis into the 5 language wikis. This led to the following changes: :

  • Creation of a visual showing the translations of the displayed document. This visual is always present and if it is not translated, it must have at least the flag of its language, in order to show to a passing "polyglot" that there is possibly interests in being translated.
  • A visual identity of the game. For example, taxoboxes are identical for all and inspired from the universe of Ryzom (like the Ambers of memories). OOC is also visually identified (such as the Electrical blue Interfaces of the Karavan).
  • Finally, a classification has to be identical to the first levels, and begins with 4 roots: the "public" wiki (Encyclopatys), the wiki tools (Wikipatys), Forge and Lore) (see: Categorization/how to, Category ALL homins and first studies of the project: fr:Catégorisation)
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