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de:Portal Spiel/Plan
en:Portal Game/Plan
es:Portal Juego/Plan
fr:Portail Jeu/Plan
ru:Портал Гейм/План
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The page categorization is very long, but it is useful to have an overview of all the categories used to:

  1. maintain your organization (avoid duplicates, curls, dead or extension branches…)
  2. easily find where to categorize your articles (easily identifiable by thematic portals).

There are four main categories roots:

  1. EncyclopAtys,
  2. WikipAtys ,
  3. Forge,
  4. Lore overseen by the team Lore.

They could be compared respectively with the stage, the backstage of a theatre and the production team, its staging and the script.

All categories must belong directly or indirectly to at least one of these categories.

Watch out!: categories can always evolve. See the latest edition of this page at the bottom right.

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