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Notes: (Leda, 2021-11-21)

⬅️ Back to main page of Bugs Project BugsHunter is a Ryzom Forge project to monitor and collect issues related to Ryzom.

It has own board on Kanboard where all issues are stored in form of a task. Some part of kanboard tasks will be moved to GitLab who are since November 2021 the new tool for bugs management

The project includes both, NDA and non-NDA members and closely cooperates with the Test team and the Support Team.

Aim of the project

The project focus on active searching and monitoring of all issues that are related to any Ryzom service, which includes:

  • client issues (bugs, exploits, running difficulties, graphic or sound issues...)
  • game content issues (broken missions, wrong missing or misleading translations...)
  • issues with related services (webig, subscription issues, internal tool issues...)

Who can join?

The project is currently in lack of active members so, generally, all help is welcome. However, it is required that you have some previous experience and knowledge. It is expected that you have...

  • some knowledge of the game itself (means you have some history and not being newbie with 2 hours of game play)
  • experience in work in Ryzom teams (Kanboard, Ryzom cloud, PADs...)
  • some knowledge in IT (for example advanced installation and configuration of the Ryzom client, some knowledge of web technologies...)
  • a will to work hard (because there is a lot of work to do)

How to join?

If you are interested in joining the project, please contacting Tamarea. You can use direct message or send e-mail to Some additional details about joining the Ryzom Forge is described in the Test Team Handbook.