Rosae Yrkanis

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Fragaria Rosae Matia Rosae Yrkanis
Taxonomic Amber
Rosae Yrkanis
Lou Herbier 04 Endilweis C.png
Kingdom Plants
Category Herb
Main Ecosystem(s) Forest & Jungle
Counterattack type None
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ru:Росае Ырканис
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Leda, 2021-08-26)

It is said that in 2506, during a dark period in the history of the Verdant Heights, a Matis botanist whose true identity was unfortunately never attested, created a hybrid of the rosae Matia in her laboratory. Smaller and bushier in shape, adorned with triple flower opalines with a sweet scent, this hybrid had the particularity of being a host of choice for endilweis. Barely hatched, it is said, it was surrounded by a colourful, fluttering ballet of wandering flowers eager to perch at its summit…

Following Prince Yrkanis' unsuccessful attempt to reclaim his crown, and his conviction by Jinovitch, this botanist sent many cuttings to several correspondents who remained loyal to the Prince or had followed him into exile, first in Aeden Aqueous and then in the Witherings. And this until 2512, to such an extent that this rosae would have become a sign of recognition between the prince's supporters, a symbolic promise of the crown that would soon be returned to him. Legend has it that the resistance fighters even took advantage of the special bond that unites these two plants by writing encrypted messages on endilweis able to travel long distances to reach their host…

Upon Yrkanis' triumphant return, the rosae Yrkanis was baptized and officially unveiled to the public. Within a few years, and while it could not acclimatize to the lake regions, it conquered the Verdant Heights and the Witherings, where it became perfectly naturalized.

This is probably partly a myth, because it is difficult to conceive of a directed movement of the endilweis that would allow it to move as it pleases, and not at wind's discretion, like a travelling izam. Nevertheless, the science of our botanists is so great that it is safe to believe it, and if you walk through our magnificent forests or in the jungle, you will certainly come across rosai Yrkanis*, emblematically adorned with their “Crown of Yrkanis”, a name still sometimes used to designate the endilweis.

*↑ Plural of rosae Yrkanis in the Matis language, the Mateis.

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