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It seems that the proper term for a group of Zoraï people is "Zoraï'i" - do we want to change the wiki entries (that's a lot of searching and replacing for every article mentioning the race) to match?

"Zoraï'i is the correct form as used by the Zoraï'i themselves. Of course your average Matis may not be aware of that fact
Game Master, Arispotle "


Well, I am not sure if the benefit justifies all the work. As far as I know, the Zoraï are spelled incorrectly on most pages anyway with a normal "i". I'd like to hear more opionions about that though.

I find the issue interesting though - never knew myself. Adding the info to the Zoraï page might be a good idea anyway.

~~~~ works just as well for signing comments you know :P
One of the chronicles have them as "zoraïs", since its a dialogue it should be verbatim. As for other uses, unless its official (for example these patch notes) and sic, should be "zoraï'i". As for replacing it all, im with cota, too many minor edits for now, if we work on pages and see incorrect usage, we should fix it. And then just go through what is remaining. I think pages directly in the context of the zoraï should be fixed asap though, like the Zoraï page and region pages like this one.
some statistics
  • 24 pages use "zorai" (excluding redirects)
  • 1 page uses "zorais"
  • 10 pages use "zoraïs"
- deadelf, because i cant be arsed to log in



Well, that's not so bad, I was imagining a number two to three times that. Yes, let's correct them as we happen across them, sparing the dialog and patch note things. I've posted about this in the correcting in-game texts thread on , hopefully it'll start to get worked on there as well.

I did this page but left its root title intact until the redirects are in place- I don't know how to build one.


any specific reason you don't like using ~~~~?
Also, in that last sentence, are you referring to the "Zoraï" page? at the moment i don't really see a reason to be moving "Zoraï" to "Zoraï'i" if that's what you mean...
-Deadelf 18:54, 1 June 2010 (UTC)


I meant the page. As for formatting, I was just following Cotare's lead as I had originally forgotten to leave my name when I began the discussion. ~~~~ magic is new to me.

Rafilwe 21:22, 1 June 2010 (UTC)