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de:Die Stadtempfänger/Pyr en:The Cities' Welcomers/Pyr es:Los recibidores de las ciudades/Pyr fr:Les Hôtes des cités/Pyr ru:Глашатаи городов/Pyr
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Personal Amber
Ulyron Zessen
Ulyron Zessen (Pyr city welcomer).png
City Welcomer
Race Fyros
Gender Female
Nation Fyros Empire
Organization Empire administration
Worship Cult of Ma'Duk
Faction Kami
Non-playable character

    Each of the four capital City Welcomers offers a set of eight missions for newcomers to the continent from Silan, in addition to the essential mission “Arrival at the Capital”. They allow inexperienced homins to become familiar with the environment of the sub-continent and to raise their skills around the fifth circle[1].
    Each mission group consists of: 3 hunting missions, 2 crafting missions and 3 harvesting missions. In addition to minor rewards, they each provide a generic two-handed melee weapon plan[2] (Fairhaven: long sword, Pyr: long axe, Yrkanis: pike (two handed spear), and Zora: long mace).

    They can usefully be followed by Four Sages Quests which will accompany the character to the 10th circle[3] in combat and are well rewarded.

The missions

Type Title Description
Fight The guards and the izams The chief of the guard needs you to get rid of the izams.
Eliminate the Kitins There are too many Kitins around Pyr. Help the authorities eliminate them.
An egg for the Emperor Find an egg for the Emperor's cook.
Craft Boots for the recruits The new Pyr recruits need equipment.
Axes for the apprentices [4] The apprentice warriors need axes to train with.
Harvesting Garbage collection Help Pyr with cleaning up trash around town.
The dune fossils Lucius Dominus needs you to find fossilized bones.
Mud for the baths The manager of the baths of Pyr needs medicinal mud for his customers.

  1. [OOC] Level 50
  2. The generic weapon plans can be used with crafting actions from any nation and use any ecosystem materials, making them particularly attractive to novice crafters, given the price of the plans.
  3. [OOC] Level 100
  4. This mission is a double one, In the first step you learn a crafting ability (a generic two handed axe plan), in the second you pratice yor new ability