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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-01-18)

A ceremony is organized,

Note: in the titles, in brackets, is indicated where begins and ends each of the texts of the friends of Kythqaaa, then important moments.

The ceremony

Near the Karavan TP, a stele in his honour.
Many homins were present...
Many homins were present...


Then the Spirit of Kythqaaa appeared, accompanied by a little bodoc named Gamin (the nickname Kiwa Lie gave him).

The homins then approached the stele and the Spirit of Kythqaaa. Those who were going to speak stood next to him in front of the crowd of homins who had come to pay homage.

Homins near the stele and the Spirit of Kythqaa

A few speeches:

Craftjenn (from 9 mn to 11 mn 40)

K was a case...

All his friends called him K, because of a big K tattooed on his arm, in homage to his Dongeons & Dragons character. When I invited him on Atys, I told him: you're a Tryker... and IRL, he looked a lot like Kythqaaa - except for the color (he was half-breed), and above all he lacked his big smile...

The first time I saw K (1985), from behind, I was afraid: he had everything of a skin head... Seen from the front, with his angel face, and his big smile, you could see right away that he was very intelligent and adorable. We studied in pairs for two years, then he changed universities - already a real bodoc head!

I found him years later, when he was getting a divorce. Then he lived with my favorite sister, for several years.

He had just gone through several difficult bereavements: his father and his best friend (of a very ugly cancer). He always hated prisons and hospitals. He loved his daughter Sahra, loved reading (Philip K. Dick fan) and was a great punk rock fan - but not only.

A great sentimental, kind and sensitive guy - even if he never recognized him D. Full of contradictions and yet "simple", an alien in life, with "autistic" sides when everyone perceived him as very sociable...

K is not dead [1].

Depyraken (from 14 mn 13 to 17 mn 08)

Asocial kyth? No, no... I'd say you were more of an honest, outgoing and generous nonconformist (I know I'm still going to get the whip that stings for contradicting the leader)...

Uh... ah yes... I almost forgot that... you were also the king of keyboard dodging ;)

So many evenings spent as a team together!

If it's impossible for me to keep track of them, even approximately, the fingers of one hand are more than enough to count the number of times you've participated in our team activities.

True to your principles, you will have lived in virtual self-sufficiency from beginning to end.

And the different levels that made your character grow, you will have climbed them alone, with perseverance and without demerit.

I'm happy to have known you and I'm going to miss your "hi Depy :)" released on the team channel... by the way... I already miss them :'(

'ren fyraï my friend


Thank you for those words. I spoke with him every time. He never failed to say hello. I really liked him a lot.

All my thoughts

Many team members were there too

Zorroargh (from 18 mn 09 to 25 mn 33)

I'm not very good at finding the right words in these circumstances...

Often, even, I think silence is more eloquent in response to the Great Silence.

What silence? The silence that this friend leaves in our memories?

"Silence? the silence that Kyth cherished?

Zorroargh said: I shared this silence with Kyth. We were brothers on this point. Both of us thought that silence is amber.

I am too moved to continue...

Dorothée (from 25 mn 33 to 32 mn 19)

Doro 2020-04-03 21-37-07.png

dear Kwwythqwwwaaaa...

sorry, the emotion...
I miss you so much and Daniellea even more,
I miss our hide and seek runs here around the stables,
I miss your fireworks and your silent humour which made me laugh a lot,
I miss your funny and unconventional way to see this world...

in three words:
I miss you
I regret I could not better take care of you,
you left a Kythqool effect on my heart.
good bye dear Kyth!

* Kyriann is grateful to Dorothee. *

Kiwa Lie (from 34 mn 37 to 39 mn)

Kiwalie whispers in Kyth's ear

K en pied du 2020-04-03 21-52-31.png

Kyth... you were my kid and I was your grandma,

I had just been a grandmother when you arrived on Atys, a young refugee with a pink hairdo and your ears that I always wanted to pull you :)

quite naturally you became my kid and me your grandma, it made us laugh, you who was older than me but so young in your mind.

you were my Bodoc-head, wanting to drill with a light life armor and you proved me that it was possible,

Seeing you hunting with your pique in light armor was a great moment of laughter every time I saw you in Thesos, often flattened [2]... :D

thank you for smiling, the flowers and fireworks that you so often offered us.

* Canillia smiles. *

the IRL came to mingle with the IG, you were the most supportive person when my husband almost died, for two weeks you kept me on the phone until three in the morning when you yourself got up at five...

you answered me, no grandma I won't let you down hihihi, and you waited for me to fall asleep so you could sleep... who does that? You, just you, my kid, my friend...

when I said kid... go to bed ! You answered me, no granny I won't let you down hihihi, and you were waiting for me to fall asleep... who's doing that ? you, just you, my kid, my friend...

I keep looking for you on the beach of FH, in Thesos, I look at my mobile phone but I only see the old messages, the pictures of your family that you loved so much.

you often told me that you'd rather die, rather die than bow to society, rather die than go to the hospital... we respected your choice but your loss hurts so much :'(

You also told me, "Grandma, we'll all meet up there.

*look at the canopy*

rest in peace kid, may your laughter sunshine the canopy and greet us when we meet again.

See you soon, kid...

* Kiwalie loves Kyth *

Mandabbear says :My condolences, my thoughts are with you :(

* Nilstilar is grateful to Kiwalie. *

* Ostium is grateful to Kiwalie. *

* Craftjenn tries to console Kiwa Lie *

* Lemra wipes her tears and thanks Kiwalie from the bottom of her heart for these beautiful words. *

* Balthae is grateful to Kiwalie. *

Azazor says: Shit, it's a beautiful testimony.

Kiwa Lie (from 40 mn to 42 mn)

Kiwalie shouts: If all those who wanted to say goodbye, we'll be able to go with him on his last journey.

Kiwalie's yelling, "Anybody with fireworks, let 'em blow 'em up for him, let 'em go out in the light, he loved 'em.

To the beach (from 43 mn to 45 mn)

We walked to the beach, following Kythqaaa and Gamin (the bodoc's name, "Gamin" means Kid).

On suit K vers l'eau 2020-04-03 21-50-47.png

Fireworks (from 46 mn to 52 mn)

Kiwalie's yelling, "Anybody with fireworks, let 'em blow 'em up for him, let 'em go out in the light, he loved 'em.

Feux du 2020-04-03 21-48-reca.png

* Zorroargh looks at Kiwalie and shakes his head sadly. *

* Gilgameesh bows with respect to Spirit of Kyth *

* Canillia encourages Spirit of Kythqaa. Go Spirit of Kythqaa! *

* Lemra says: Goodbye my sweet tryker. *

* Kiwalie loves Kyth *

* Craftjenn screams: Farewell K... See you soon. *

* Krill says: (sadly shakes his bottle) Seelagan Kythqaaa... *

* Eolinius is crying...snif...snif... *

* Craftjenn says: a band he loved very much: CocoRosie. [ Gravediggress] *

Ceremony's end (from 50 mn to 60 mn)

Près eau 2020-04-03 21-55-reca.png

Kythqaaa is gone, while swimming in the water.

Some homins's words:

  • Thanks to all for organizing this beautiful ceremony
  • Thanks Kiwa lie
  • Brotherhood is important

  • Thanks to all those who made this ceremony possible (players, animators). This is the spirit of Ryzom, a community united in difficult times. Congratulations!
  • Thanks to homins and thanks to all from Cercle du bois d'Almati guild who who took care of the ceremony.

  • Thanks for coming.
  • Deepest condolences

  • Craftjenn: I think a lot about his daughter... And Kiwa Lie is very touched, too...
  • Yes, too much too many emotions tonight

Other links and media

A lot of private messages

Kiwa Lie and Craftjenn (and maybe other homins?) received several messages (in private) before and also during the ceremony.

Thank you for your attention and kindness.

With the emotion, we didn't think about recording them (nor did we ask if they could be published here - most of us thought they couldn't) .

  • Esdra sent in private a poem (published on the French wiki, with the consent of the author).

On The forum

[All] In loving memory of Kythqaaa (2020/04/03)
Creator of the event: Kiwalie.
Type of event: Commemoration.
Appropriate levels: All.
Date of the event: Vendredi 3 Avril 21:00:00 CEST (il y a 2 semaines)
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Fairhaven's beach.
Homins concerned: All Kythqaaa's friends.
Synopsis: Kythqaaa's friends pay him a last tribute.
To learn more: #1
Ceremony beginning
Farewell Kythqaaa!.jpeg

  1. Was in English - a reference to "Punk is not dead"...
  2. flattened for killed, dead