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DeepL translation exceptions

With new automatic translation on various Ryzom channels we need to create a list of terms that are being mistranslated. For the Ryzom Team, this task has number #10473 on Bugs board.

Term types

There exist several term types that needs to be added into the list:

  • Atys location names like Prime Roots or Fleeting Garden, this list is known
  • Animal and plant names like Cuttler, this list is known
  • Homin jobs and titles like Hunter or Victorious Atymas Elf, this list is known
  • Terms from Atys languages like "Bakun", we need to make a list
  • Gaming specific terms like slash, pike or rez, we need to make a list
  • Specific Atys terms like cats, kitin or Atymas, we need to make a list

DeepL lists

We collect terms in the LangApp database using DeepList application in AppZone. Please ask Moniq for permissions to edit the list.

We will generate a list of terms for each translation, for example EN <-> FR or DE <-> ES, from all collected terms. Some translations will require to be replaced only for some cases, some (mainly Ryzom specific terms) must be included in all lists (like kitin). List will be exported into a JSON file.

It is not yet known how will the list length affect the speed of translation. In case we reach a limit, it would be good to prioritize Gaming specific terms and Specific Atys terms and pick those really wrong from other types.