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Voice chat communication software (also known as Voice over IP) allows vocal communication (via microphone/speakers/headset) between players during gameplay. This allows players to discuss strategies and tactics in realtime, even during the battle, without time-consuming typing. As communication is a huge factor on the effectiveness of a team, voice chat is often considered a must for serious PvP. It also helps a lot in PvE, although it is not considered as essential.

Since Ryzom does not include in-game voice chat at this time, many people use third party software.

Third party voice chat software typically is a client / server application that runs in the background while playing Ryzom. Many voice chat programs are available as freeware for download (both server and client), so everybody can set up a server and connect. Be aware that especially running a server can put quite a strain on your CPU and your internet connection, so servers should preferably run on a dedicated machine with a broadband connection (with up and downstream). Free hosted servers are available for many popular voice chat programs. For many voice chat programs it is also possible to talk peer to peer, but because of the CPU and bandwidth usage this is not recommended for more than 2-3 players.


  • Yahoo messenger's Conference can be used like those of TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, etc.

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