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User comment.png Function name : weSNpcDialog_v2

This function creates a bubble of an NPC dialogue with options to choose.

WeSNpcDialog IG

This bubble are composed of two parts.

  • The upper part contains an introductory text, which can be a lengthy monologue.
  • The lower part contains a set of choices that enchaîneront other actions.
WeSNpcDialog window
  • 1) Note that this feature enables a parameter weSNpcDialog_v2_1rpqpga2:SELECTED which returns the number of the user's choice.
  • 2) {npcRowId}
  • 3) This field contains the top part of the bubble. Message can be relatively long.
  • 4) This field contains 8 choices available to players.
  • 5) Each option can lead to a specific action.
  • 5.1) The right column gives the displaying question. Using the translation tool can adapt a text for each languages of Ryzom.

If the all field is empty, there are no question in the bubble. (but how to chain to a second bubble?)

WeSNpcDialog window
  • 5.2) The left column displays the actions arising from the choice of the players.
Actions are divided into:
  • 5.2.1) none
  • 5.2.2) resume or finish de script
  • 5.2.3) open or finish the URL
  • 5.2.4) jump to a stage (only after the current step as the Jump function)
  • 5.2.5) run script
  • 5.2.6) include script (same as Include function)
  • 6) luaCheck

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