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en:About login, credentials fr:A propos de la connexion, des identifiants
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About login, credentials - More on An issue to log in?

You are a player, new on this wiki

Now (in Nov 2021), the Ryzom website has a top toolbar (to access to information, events, wiki, forums, apps and chat) and any homin can correct/translate information on Ryzom wikis (few pages are protected, as for ex Lore pages), using its Ryzom account (no need to ask for an account anymore, now wiki are using OAuth2).

The Ryzom top toolbar and wiki menu on the left side (on common wiki)

To login on wiki

You have seen an error, or need to upload some lucio, or translate, or have your personal notes and drafts on wiki ?

  1. Clic on top right on the Login with RYZOM
  2. You'll see the "login / creation of account"
    Login screen (in French)
    - on the left part, enter, as usual your secret account name and password.
  3. then, Please Select Your Char (or logout) to login on the wiki with this toon.
  4. Now, check your are logged: on top right, you'll see your homin name, Talk, Preferences (get there to change gender), Watchlist, Contributions, and Log out.
  5. For a first step, it's nice to create a profile (for some notes, draft...) on a wiki. French, English, Spanish... you can have several profile's page if you speak several languages, or using a lot images (in this case, better create a profile on the common wiki).
    • choose your preferred language: on the left side (with big screen), under EncyclopAtys, choose the language you prefer.
    • then, on top right, clic on yourname
      Clic on your name (top right): you are ready to create your profile or draft


  1. Keep your Ryzom account name and password secret (never communicate it). To use for ex on pay for the game (payment profile) - even free accounts have one. About the toons and account, the macros are in a file, named keys_toonname.xml in the save folder. More on Ryzom location.
  2. Request a wiki account: Your Ryzom account was not related to the wiki user account (validation was done by wiki admin, most are players). Usually, we use our homin name (or the in game toon/avatar name) on the wikis (email and password can and should be different than in the game, but you can use the same email as the one in game). When ask for an account, thanks to provide us your natal language, as there's 6 wikis (one is for all images, one is for English, one is French, one Spanish, German and Russian). Wiki account request has 2 steps process: email check then as you provide a little sentence - we use it to know what is your language to create your profile (for your personal pages) in the good one.
    More on Help:Why create an account?