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Personal Amber
Daeronn Cegrips
Daeronn Cegrips portrait.png
Kitinologist, Researcher
Race Fyros
Gender Male
Nation Fyros Empire patriot
Organization Impérial Academy
Worship Ma'Duk cult
Faction Kami
Death Alive
Father unkown
Character played by an Animator

General Information


  • Still alive;
  • Contemporary Fyros scientist (mainly kitinology).
  • Imperial Academician; Member of the Chamber of Truth, Chair of Knowledge

His life

  • Recognized researcher in the study of atypical fauna. His favourite species are the kitins.
  • Studied the Kitin nest of Desertstock, for 2 weeks. It was feeding on local grasses to survive.
    Released from the nest by Dilus and dozens of
  • He studied the Amber Cube found by Supplice in the lands of Zorai. He was able to decipher its contents, and also determine that this cube had spent very little time in the jungle.


  • Respected scholar
  • Disinterested in the events surrounding it, absorbed by scientific considerations the vast majority of the time.
  • Interested in all living things
  • Always deviates from the subject of the conversation.
  • Loves goari eggs

Results of his research on Kitins

The kitin hibernate in winter. During this season they return to the Prime Roots. Of course depending on the particular kitin type their organisation differs, but in general kitin hibernate in winter. They keep scouts and guards to ensure the safety of their nests. These nests are difficult to detect because they are generally camouflaged. Normally kitins will never make an invasion or attack during the winter unless they are disturbed.

In spring the kitin come out of their hibernation. Not only are they hungry but they are also looking to breed. There are fierce fights between the kittens in which the males try to gain enough fame to get the right to mate. This is also the time when new groups are formed and hordes of kittens migrate to establish new nests. Hungry as they are, kittens are very aggressive and can quickly invade territories to harvest (hunting and drilling).

In summer, the kitin are not very dangerous. Usually, food is abundant and the risk of invasion is more limited. Unless they feel threatened.

In the autumn they harvest and prepare for winter. They hunt and gather large quantities of resources to prepare for winter. They usually become violent in order to obtain the areas where they find their food. They gather it while the guards protect the area. Then they organize large convoys to bring the food to their nests. These columns are obviously protected by guards.

Daeronn's theory of seasonal migrations of kitin is disavowed by his peers, including his intimate enemy the late tryker Ardan Keale.

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