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de:Ryzom Wiki:Administratoren
en:Ryzom Wiki:Administrators
es:Ryzom Wiki:Administradores
ru:Ryzom Wiki:Администраторы
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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-07-15)

Administrators are people with the superpowers of the Wiki. In addition, they can:

  • To raise the dead from the ashes! (restore a deleted page)
  • Travel back in time! (restore changes)
  • Forcing demons into exile! (ban an IP address)
  • Make the faithful invulnerable! (protect a page in writing)
  • Raising mountains! (move pages)

And more! Bow down, mortals! Ph34r! Ph34r!

List of Administrators:

See the Active admin list.