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Woha Homins!

The Guardians of Zora is a Kwaï (Zoraï aligned guild) of dedicated Zoraï Initiates and Kami Disciples who stand ready to Serve, Defend and Protect the Zoraï and all homins. When not called upon to defend kith and kin, the Guardians lend a willing hand to all homins. If you are an adventurous homin, willing to brave horrible dangers then you have come to the right place!

(( The Guardians of Zora is an RP (role play), PvE (player vs. event), and PvP (player vs. player) based guild. We are Zoraï and Kami aligned. Our goal is to have fun and provide a bit of role playing content for ourselves in the context of the game. If you are accepted as a member of the guild, you can expect to find friendly homins and regular events including Treks, Tours, and multi-guild Hunts. You will also learn more about the story behind Atys and the homins, meet strange and unusual tribesmen, explore the heights and depths of the land and become famous across the whole of Atys! ))

Kwaï Information



  • High Officers:
    • Mikchk
    • Unvorsum
    • Xemmy
  • Officers:
    • Federnation
    • Watiki

Outposts Held