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History (The roots of this guild start in the Beta of this game.making it the oldest guild still around)

The purpose of the Guild TNE, is to provide players of Ryzom with a fun, friendly, helpful organization dedicated to advancing a positive and pro community influence. it is the goal of TNE to make a name for itself as an asset to the player community as well as the members of the Guild. In furtherance of these goals, members of TNE should strive to:

Learn the lore of Atys, the various races, and the factions. Assist other guild members in their tasks. Assist the Guild crafters in securing materials. Craft equipment for other Guild members. Assist new players, both in and outside of the Guild. Whenever possible, provide materials or funds to the Guild Vault. Behave in a respectful, honorable fashion.

Members who do not act in the spirit of the Guild's purpose, do not belong in the Guild. We have established this Guild with community in mind, and honor as our law.

General Information



  • Leader: Pacaryl
  • High Officers:
    • Cryjati
    • Kirijoleth
    • Missylee
    • Spyce
    • Varden
    • Yann
  • Officers:
    • ???