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On Atys, there are several kinds of transportation. Teleportation and magical transports are techniques and services offered by higher powers or technology. The Homins did not master this magic until the appearance of zinuakeen and tunnels.


Res map

window appearing during the character's coma

The resurrection (called rez) is one of the magical transports on Atys.

The Kami or Karavan resurrect free of charge any homin that has fallen to the ground and teleports it to a resurrection point of its choice.
To take advantage of it you just have to click on one of the rez that are on the window that appears during the coma.
Beware that not all vortex are rez points.
The resurrected will receive a death penalty (DP).
It will reappear with its life levels, sap, endurance and concentration at 1 point each.

The death penalty will have to be reimbursed by the next accumulated experience points.
The amount of the penalty is determined by the maximum skill level of the resurrected person.
To reduce this penalty you can pay the Karavan or Kami agent.

New Horizon

The NewHorizon (called in short NH) is a transportation service organized by a nation (Fyros, Zoraï, Tryker or Matis). In each city (Pyr, Yrkanis, Fairhaven and Zora, but also Min-Cho, Thesos, Avendale, Davae, etc.) a NPC carrier, named "New Horizons", allows you to travel to another city located in the same country.

Such a trip costs you 3,000 dappers unless your fame with the corresponding nation is maximum (100), in which case the trip is free.

It is to these NPC Transporters that you can offer the products of the basic Occupation (Occupation mats).

More on To New Horizons.

The Neutral Teleports

These are the teleporters to which we have basic access when we arrive on Ryzom.

What is it?

Teleportation is possible thanks to a system of pacts that the homins can buy at a specific place, from one of the two great powers of Atys. These pacts allow to teleport the user to a defined place that he has bought.

The prices of the teleporters vary between 1,000 and 10,000 dappers each, they then appear in the inventory.

How does it work?

1. Buy the teleportation ticket (known as a pact). You will find it in your inventory
You can transfer your TPs to a mektoub or apartment but they will not be usable.

2. Click on the TP you want to use

3. Wait, the TP activates after 15 seconds, do not move because it stops the launch.


  • A pact cannot be used sitting down or in the water.
  • A homin must remain motionless and not be attacked during the full 15-second activation delay.
  • You cannot exchange them with another player
  • Pacts can be used when you are in a coma - you will arrive at the specified altar, normally.

Each pact has a particular color according to the country where it was obtained:

  • orange pacts for the Fyros
  • the greens for the Matis
  • blues for Trykers
  • the violets for Zorai.

The seal of the pact indicates the faction: the Karavan are rectangular, the Kami in a circle.

TP neutre.jpeg

Liste des téléporteurs neutres

Fyros Land

  • Pyr: kami et kara
  • Oflovak's Oasis: kami
  • Frahars Towers: kami
  • Sawdust Mines: kara
  • Outlaw Canyon: kara
  • Dunes of Exile (Dyron): kami and kara
  • Savage Dunes (Thesos) kami and kara

Matis Land

  • Yrkanis: kami and kara
  • Fleeting garden: kami
  • Knoll of Dissent and kara
  • Hidden source kami and kara
  • Heretic's Hovel: kami and kara
  • Upper Bog: kara

Tryker Land

  • Liberty Lake (Fairhaven): kami and kara
  • Dew Drops: kami
  • Winds of Muse: kara
  • Resting Water: kami
  • Fount: kara
  • Enchanted Isle: kami
  • Bounty Beaches: kara

Zorai Land

  • Witherings (Zora): kami kara
  • Maiden Grove: kara
  • Haven of Purity: kami
  • Knot of Dementia: kami and kara
  • Grove of Umbra: kami and kara

Nexus Minor kami and kara

Almati Wood kara


  • Ranger Camp: kami and kara
  • Shinning Lake: kami
  • Shattered Ruins: kara

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