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La N'ASA Sciences Atysology Hominity Kitins Goo Meetings
de:Neue Akademie der Wissenschaften von Atys/Goo
en:New Academy of Sciences of Atys/Goo
es:Nueva Academia de Ciencias de Atys/Goo
fr:Nouvelle Académie des Sciences d'Atys/Goo
ru:Новая Академия Наук Атыса/Гуу
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2021-04-04)

Emblema de la ASA

talum, nirila, tseu, sella.

N'ASA Goo Branch to better know and master the environment of hominity and live in symbiosis with the planet.


The subject of Goo is very sensitive from the point of view kamista, so the instructions have been written by eminent members of the N'ASA. The two documents and their creators were lost during the second swarm. We hope that we will have other companions who will make new ones.

  • Fey-Lin Liu, made the goo label letter.
  • Laofa, has written a letter of scientific awareness.

Census and classification of the Goo documentation

Census and classification of documentation on the Goo in order to understand what it is, because one can not be effectively protected against an unknown danger.

Medical and sanitary action

  • detoxification: there was intentional or unintentional poisoning of several homins.
  • de-pollution: repeated accidents in the burning desert.