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Eight races make up the population of Atys. Four of them presented below constitute the four ethnic civilizations of Hominity.

The other four races, the primitives, one of which has disappeared, practically do not shape the atysian history.

During the Great Swarm, not all homins were able to leave the ancient lands through the Rainbows. Some had to stay and had to make many sacrifices in order to survive. Over the years, they have taken the name Marauders. This society, where the law of the strongest reigns, is based on a clan structure. Abandoned by the two great powers, they believe only in their own strength. Others concluded that the only way to survive the Atys dangers of Goo and Kitins was the synergy of peoples, so, to stay outside the systems. These stateless homins are the Rangers and the Trytonists. The latter ones live in the shadows, as they clash with the Kamis and the Karavan.

Get to know your people, your allies, your enemies. Much more than the basis of a roleplay, the information contained in this portal will allow you to get the keys to better understand the game.

Fyros combat 02.jpg
Fyros combat 06.jpg

The Fyros want to be the warrior people of Atys. His supreme values are courage and glory. The great ambition of the Fyros is to hunt down the Great Dragon(FR), the creature suspected of having caused the great fires that preceded the invasions of the Kitins. not very fervent in nature, the Fyros tend increasingly to approach the Kamis.

Matis combat 03.jpg
Matis combat 08.jpg

Refined, ambitious, the Matis are the proud heirs of a very ancient monarchy and seek to restore their Lost Kingdom. These cultivated aesthetes dominate Botany and form a romantic and conquering people. They believe that every homin must prove himself to find the place he deserves in society. They are the most faithful servants of the Karavan.

Tryker combat.jpg
Tryker combat 3.jpg

The smaller people in size, the Trykers are peaceful, freedom-loving. They dream of a world without tyranny where there is no master nor slave. Curious, they are excellent explorers and inventors. Therefore, they perfectly dominate wind technologies. If threatened, the Trykers know how to respond and then reveal unsuspected combat talents. They consider the Karavan as the fervent followers of the goddess Jena.

Zorai combat 02.jpg
Zorai combat 04.jpg

The Zorais are the homins closest to the Kamis. The mask that distinguishes them is a gift from them. His civilization respects their words and fights their enemy, the Goo. The Zorais live in the Jungle, a favorite area of the Kamis and their plague, the Goo…

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